photo courtesy of  Milwaukee Magazine  / by Adam Ryan Morris

photo courtesy of Milwaukee Magazine / by Adam Ryan Morris


On April 30, 2014, Dontre Hamilton, a black, unarmed man diagnosed with schizophrenia, was shot 14 times and killed by a Milwaukee police officer responding to a non-emergency wellness check in a popular downtown park.

Filmed over the course of three years in the direct aftermath of Dontre's death, this intimate verite documentary follows his family as they struggle to find answers and challenge a criminal justice system stacked against them. Offering a painfully realistic glimpse inside a movement born out of tragedy, this explosive documentary takes a behind the scenes look at one of America’s most pressing social issues.

Director Erik Ljung has meticulously crafted a piece of essential viewing, one that has much to contribute to our understanding of the ongoing epidemic of police violence. We get to know Dontre, and watch as his family transforms into activists. We see the complex layers of engagement when a mourning family’s desires diverge from those of fellow activists, and feel their frustration and anger with institutional responses.

The setting may be Milwaukee, but it could just as well be anywhere—and it’s a film every concerned citizen here should see.


WINNER: 2018 Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) - Best Editing of a Feature Documentary

WINNER: 2018 Salem Film Festival – Michael Sullivan FRONTLINE Award for Best Journalism in a Documentary

WINNER: Audience Award for Best Feature Film, 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival

WINNER: Ron Tibbett Award for Excellence in Filmmaking – Indie Memphis Film Festival - 2017

WINNER: Best Feature Documentary Award, 2018 Beloit Film Festival

WINNER: Golden Badger Award, 2018 Wisconsin Film Festival 

WINNER: Best Documentary Feature – Monmouth Film Festival 2017

WINNER: Best Documentary Storytelling – Destiny City Film Festival 2017

The Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick from SXSW 2017





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Erik Ljung - Director / Producer / DP

Erik Ljung is a freelance Producer and Director of Photography currently based in the midwest. He has produced content and short documentaries for the New York Times, VICE News, Al Jazeera, PBS and the Wall Street Journal. In 2016 he won a midwest Emmy for his work on public television's Wisconsin Foodie. His cinematography can be seen on CNN’s The 414’s, which premiered at Sundance, and Almost Sunrise slated to air on POV in 2017. He is a former Nohl Fellow, and a two-time Brico Forward Fund recipient for his documentary work.

Michael T. Vollmann - Editor

Michael T. Vollmann’s editing credits include HBO, ESPN 30 for 30, CBS. He most recently directed the documentary “The 414s” (CNN Films) which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Michael D.P.’d the feature doc “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files” (IFC) (2012 SXSW) which became a New York Times Critics’ Pick.



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